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Why Labs are the Best Breed of Dogs on Earth

For many people when they are asked to picture America’s favorite breed of dogs, they see the Labrador. The reason for this will be discussed shortly in this article, check it out!

First and foremost, Labradors are a man’s best friend. Labradors were first seen in Newfoundland a region that was occupied by a fishing community. The main work of the dogs as you would expect was to help local fishers to retrieve their fish and haul in fishing lines. Also known as ‘workaholics’, these lovable helpers were adored because of their desire to please their owners. Up to date, they are still regarded as fisherman’s best ally. They enjoy outdoor activities and make splendid hunting partners. The fact that they are energetic enough in every hunting spree to transmit that energy to you is the best part. Read more here.

Secondly, a Labrador is not temperamental, which makes them the most attractive breed of dogs. This can be evidenced by the fact that Labradors are still the most famous dog breed in America since 1991. The reason for this is primarily because of the temperament of this breed. This implies that the Labs are friendly, good-natured, and straightforward to train among other traits. These unique qualities make Labs impressive family dogs. In addition, Labradors are beautiful dogs.

The level of cuteness of a dog is intuitive, but few can argue against Labs being gorgeous. There are Labradors of three primary colors; black, chocolate and yellow. Some people believe that black labrador stickers are great at fetching and more compliant. Chocolate Labs have been thought to be more difficult to train sometimes that the other two breeds and they again fear noise. Many Lab –owners will probably have realized that they undergo a development stage where they are terrified of noises and they panic of certain things.

The other reason is that Labs have less grooming requirements. Since each animal you adopt will require some level of cleaning and grooming care, Labs demand less than the others. Their hair is short and seldom gets tangled in areas that are difficult to groom, and their oiled coats are waterproof among other low-maintenance features. However, it is crucial that you know that labs shed the most among every breed of dogs.

In conclusion, Labradors are skilled, and they can be employed in the modern age. For instance, they are utilized as service pets by border protection and customs agencies. The traits discussed above are just an outline of the reasons Labs are loved by many people, and you need to go and play with one of these to find out more. Click here for more information about Labs:

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